Slow upload speed - Any suggestion for this issue?

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To, AGL team
I am writing to express my frustration with the slow internet speed that I have been experiencing for the past few weeks between the hours of 7 pm and 10 pm every day.. As a paying customer of your service, I expect to receive reliable and fast internet connectivity, but unfortunately, this has not been the case.

I am consistently experiencing slow internet speeds, which is affecting my ability to work and perform my daily activities. This issue has caused significant inconvenience, and I would like to request an immediate resolution.

I have tried restarting my modem and router, clearing my browser cache, and checking my connection speed, but none of these steps have resolved the issue. I believe that this issue is on your end, and I request that you take immediate action to fix it. however, all of your consultants from chatroom was terrible, they were keep asking me to do something from my end. chatroom makes me so annoying so I am writing this in the community.




To, All users

Hey guys,

I captured this screenshot between 7pm to 10pm, Does anyone have any ideas about upload speed is less than 1mb? because download speed is okay all the time, but only difference is upload speed. every time if internet is super slow It shows upload speed is 0.22mb something. It's normally more than 15mb when internet is okay. 

In the chatroom, I explained all of these detail, and they just keep asking to reset router and replace the router, but I think that doesn't seem to be the problem, what do you guys think?


Please check below link what TPG had done with same issue



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Hi Jeff.


Problem solved after I changed ISP.


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Problem solved for me too. Changed ISP. 

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Yeah I moved to Aussie Broadband - now my FTTN works great!!

Using the same router too - so def an AGL issue - not that their support people would admit it.


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Absolutely woeful. I signed up a week ago (100/20) and have FTTP. Speeds are all over the place, some websites won’t load. Connection constantly drops out. Completely useless internet. Calls to AGL go unanswered and now it’s a weekend I can’t even cancel it. I thought maybe it was a coincidence that the week I changed ISP was also the week that NBNCO had some problems. After reading the many cases on here it’s pretty clear that AGL can’t provide the service I am paying for.

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Super bad internet for me too

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Hi All,

Me again. Yes changing to another ISP will fix it because it is a DNS error. For non-it people, DNS (Domain Name Service) is what translates IP addresses into names i.e. is Google
So i did some testing. i found Netflix's IP address and put that in my browser instead of and it worked a treat. Now the confusing thing is by putting a different DNS setting into the router it should fix the problem but it does not so I would say that AGL and Southern Telephone have some really screwed up DNS settings. This also goes hand in hand with when I signed up i had to request a public IP address which is something by default all ISP's give to you. 
Anyway long story short, I too am also changing ISPs 


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First day with AGL. Packet loss between 8-11pm then gets better after. 


No issues yesterday with the other provider. 

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Same problem, download speeds are ok, but upload speeds are incredibly low. This makes it completely impossible to make video calls or play online games at peak times.

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Just got AGL FTTP connected this Wednesday, same issue. Everyday between 6PM - 11PM, very bad internet. Download speed unstable, drop-outs, low upload speed (0.5 mbps), this is not usable. 




Will AGL actually fix the issue? You shouldn’t still sell a faulty product to customers. I’ll change ISP if this can’t be fixed shortly. 

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Chris_C , have you been in touch with customer support about these speed issues at this stage?