Slow upload speed - Any suggestion for this issue?

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To, AGL team
I am writing to express my frustration with the slow internet speed that I have been experiencing for the past few weeks between the hours of 7 pm and 10 pm every day.. As a paying customer of your service, I expect to receive reliable and fast internet connectivity, but unfortunately, this has not been the case.

I am consistently experiencing slow internet speeds, which is affecting my ability to work and perform my daily activities. This issue has caused significant inconvenience, and I would like to request an immediate resolution.

I have tried restarting my modem and router, clearing my browser cache, and checking my connection speed, but none of these steps have resolved the issue. I believe that this issue is on your end, and I request that you take immediate action to fix it. however, all of your consultants from chatroom was terrible, they were keep asking me to do something from my end. chatroom makes me so annoying so I am writing this in the community.




To, All users

Hey guys,

I captured this screenshot between 7pm to 10pm, Does anyone have any ideas about upload speed is less than 1mb? because download speed is okay all the time, but only difference is upload speed. every time if internet is super slow It shows upload speed is 0.22mb something. It's normally more than 15mb when internet is okay. 

In the chatroom, I explained all of these detail, and they just keep asking to reset router and replace the router, but I think that doesn't seem to be the problem, what do you guys think?


Please check below link what TPG had done with same issue



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Yes, customer service and technical support team. I don’t think that will change anything. As many other cases you can see on the AGL neighbourhood community, many customers are experiencing the same issue. This is definitely an AGL networking backend/DNS issue, not customer side, David. I’m changing ISP now.

AGL Community Manager
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Thanks for sharing the feedback @Chris_C . Our network team is looking into issues like this at the moment, so I'll pass on your example and test results to them.

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@David_AGL  noting that the last entry for this topic was 6 months ago, has AGL resolved this issue or is the only option to change ISP's?  This problem of DNS conflicts, and time outs regularly occurs with devices "connected/no internet", and despite following all the basic steps to trouble shoot, nothing has resolved.



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Hi @gericcocco , yes, the I believe the root cause in the case of this particular discussion was resolved, but of course performance issues can always recur, and can be down to any number of reasons.


It sounds like you're having ongoing problems  - have you been in touch with AGL support at this stage?

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I am with Optus have had same problem since Nov23 at least.  No internet at all during 5g upgrade on mobile towers. However I still have very slow upload speed or no connection. OPTUS SOLUTION..... upgrade to NBN. I got $40 compensation!! $130 month for a single pensioner is not an option.

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I changed ISP no problems since.
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Just an FYi

NBN CO will be opening the pipes to all retailers giving approx 200 to 500MB more of bandwidth depending on plan to retailers for free which will be passed on to all customers.


This will solve many problems and NBN CO have seen the writing on the wall with so many switching to 5G. End of 2024 beginning 2025 latest these changes should be realised. 


NBN CO have always throttled bandwidth and charged retailers a bomb for more. This is now moot as they have now realised the customers that are leaving the NBN network is not in their best interests hence NBN CO opening the pipes.


I am on the 100MB DOWN 20MB Upload with Telstra and will at no extra cost be boosted to 500down 50mb up for no additional cost by end of year. This will apply across the board to all retailers leading in congestion drastically being eased for everyone.


Kind Regards