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Re: Internet is awful

Yep. Tried so many times to get through to customer “support”. Finally got through, the bloke had the gall to tell me that all calls to support are answered within 5 minutes? WTF? I have been waiting 20 minutes already. Meanwhile online chat function has been cold for 30 minutes so far. He then transfers me to someone else, another 20 minutes and waiting..Absolute rubbish.
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Re: Slow upload speed - Any suggestion for this issue?

Absolutely woeful. I signed up a week ago (100/20) and have FTTP. Speeds are all over the place, some websites won’t load. Connection constantly drops out. Completely useless internet. Calls to AGL go unanswered and now it’s a weekend I can’t even cancel it. I thought maybe it was a coincidence that the week I changed ISP was also the week that NBNCO had some problems. After reading the many cases on here it’s pretty clear that AGL can’t provide the service I am paying for.
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