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Re: Slow upload speed - Any suggestion for this issue?

Yeah I moved to Aussie Broadband - now my FTTN works great!!Using the same router too - so def an AGL issue - not that their support people would admit it.JP
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Re: Slow upload speed - Any suggestion for this issue?

Hi,I’m having similar issues. I’m on a 100/20 plan (FTTN), which I’ve had for many years and has works fine. In the last 5 days, the wheels have fallen off. My speeds average about 90Mbps, and now that rarely go above 20Mbps, with uploads about 1 or 2Mbps. I rang AGL on Thursday, and they said everything is fine, but suggested I reset my router. I declined doing this because I didn’t have the time to kill everything until the modem is back online, but today (Saturday) sat down to do that. The ...
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Average internet speeds reduced by 10% on June 15th 2022

Hi,I track my internet speeds via my home automation system every 30min, and notice my average speeds went from 99mbps to 89mbps on June the 15th and this has stayed this was since then. AGL, what changes have been made on the network, or what firmware updates have you sent to my router that has caused this? Can you give me back the performance I used to have?? ThxJP
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Re: Intrusion detection on Netcom modem log

It is the system log of my AGL supplied Netcom NNF20MESH modem. I have configured the modem to send all system logs to a Synology logging server on my home network which is capturing all logs. I'm doing this because the modem's built-in log viewer only shows a few log entries whereas my Synology captures them all, and sends me alerts for critical log entries like these. I'm getting many of these per day, and have no idea what the modem is doing about these intrusion attempts (if anything). Intru ...
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