Thinking about getting an electric car? We'd love to hear from you!

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Are you looking to purchase, lease or finance an electric vehicle within the next couple of years? What are your considerations while you weigh up the decision? Would you consider renting the vehicle as opposed to leasing or financing the purchase?


We'd love to hear your thoughts on EVs!

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Yes - next vehicle purchase will be an EV 100%!

At a guess (80/20) it will be new rather than used,

Important factors are range, cabin space and the package cost!

Not opposed to leasing per se but generally expect to self fund.

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Without a doubt. Our next car will be electric. Most likely a used model with the lower cost. Cheaper to run, next to no maintenance! It will more than half the cost of running to and from work. Wish our coal & oil sponsored governments would assist with a charging infrastructure system etc.

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G'day David,

I am looking a look at the AGL EV Subscription programme and wonder if you can address a couple of techy questions?

1. Does the charging station support V2H supply ... in particular 3 phase?

2. Does the Nissan Leaf model provided support V2H?

If these are not in your space ... no drama ... will engage the EV team directly at some point.

These queries play into decisions around our next renewables investment - static battery or EV and the potential for a DVPP in the near future.  A market leader will no doubt integrate integrate all these technologies and provide a coherent road map for consumers to transition through each phase ... each time increasing degrees of stickiness.  Cheers.

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Hi @FrankAu , thanks for the  Qs. I'm going to tag in a member of our EV team to answer those shortly.

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@FrankAu has some great questions. 
I live in regional NSW, and am seriously considering EV in the future, especially as a local runaround.

Due to distances needing to be traveled we would still require traditionally powered vehicle.

V2H would be an important factor, as we have solar but no battery storage.


Not generally a fan of renting vehicles, but rapid tech change could make that feasible.

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Thanks for the thread. I'm considering leasing a 2nd vehicle (already have a work provided Outlander PHEV) Adding Solar to my home to absorb the extra EV power consumption additional to home energy requirements. Looking forward to the offers from this conversation.