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Re: Thinking about getting an electric car? We'd love to hear from you!

G'day David,I am looking a look at the AGL EV Subscription programme and wonder if you can address a couple of techy questions?1. Does the charging station support V2H supply ... in particular 3 phase?2. Does the Nissan Leaf model provided support V2H?If these are not in your space ... no drama ... will engage the EV team directly at some point.These queries play into decisions around our next renewables investment - static battery or EV and the potential for a DVPP in the near future. A market ...
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Donating excess solar feed-in credit to community members suffering power bill stress.

I have solar panels on my roof that are beginning to generate more power than our household generally uses (expect perhaps during mid winter). As a consequence we are accumulating a modest credit balance on the monthly billing cycle. Having just listened to a programme on the ABC radio where some (often pensioner) members of the community are suffering high levels of stress paying power bills ... to the extent that it can cause poverty in a first world country! Most likely these customers will ...
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Re: Thinking about getting an electric car? We'd love to hear from you!

+1 for @scillaherb's point! IMO the most likely trigger to switch the national vehicle fleet to ev is going to occur when V2X (or V2H) becomes feasible. This will mean the consumer will be able to factor both the benefit of ev transport as well as for supplying a good sized battery to their solar panels against the initial cost of purchase! First or early movers will have more control and avenue to lock in a new class of customer and this applies to both the ev manufacturing space and retai ...
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Re: Json API to pull usage data

On poking about the URL that delivers the CSV download is ... At present this doesn't work without an authenticated session being established ... but it would seem to deliver on a requirement for sufficient proof of ownership (query values) that make it almost impossible to imagine abuse. Naturally this is taking a sledge-hammer (as the CSV file can be up to 10 Mb) whereas the JSO ...
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