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Re: Battery Backup

The Nissan Leaf is the only AU available BEV that offers V2x. The Mitsubishi Outlander and Eclipse Cross PHEVs offer the same function, albeit from a 20kWh or 13.5 kWh battery (3kWh is quarantined for operational car functions) The unstated benefit of PHEV using V2x is you can run your house in the event of an extended blackout by generating power to the car battery from the onboard engine ~30 minutes for 10kWh. Not very green but it keeps the lights on and the fridge running if needed. I alread ...
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All good points Lynda.I'm sure AGL will have a position response to this, but I'm concerned at the dis-incentives being deployed to slow Renewable energy uptake!
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Re: V2H smart charging trial update?

Hi Waynet, thanks for your post. I too have a 2021 Outlander PHEV I'mwanting to set up bi-directional charging for. I understand the trial hasfinished and was only for BEVs unfortunately. Good luck with the newEclipse Cross. Good bones in a new form factor.
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Re: V2H smart charging trial update?

Sad news, Quasar 1 production suspended. Quasar 2 first release projected to be end of year. No confirmed Australian approval for V2H/V2G other than SA.News V2G Wallbox Quasar news release from Jet
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