changing plans

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I have been trying to change plan but every time I press 'continue' it says


'Something went wrong with an item in your cart. One or more items in your cart was updated or is no longer available. Please make a new selection to continue.


What do I do? I don't fancy waiting on hold calling in.' And my dishwasher has a 'F12' error... do you help with that too?

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Hi @helpmyplease


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood. 


I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your plan swap, you can try using this link. I'll also send you a private message to grab more details from you.




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Hi there...... Isn't this ridiculous.

I too am trying to swap plans but I cannot get past errors with no explanation and screens that just freeze up.

I have tried waiting in line on the phone (got cut off) and spend several hours over several days trying to change plans via the mobile app and the laptop version.

Perhaps it may be easier to change energy companies ?

So can anyone advice me on how to actually complete this so-called simple task ?

AGL help staff -------- please get in touch !!!!


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Hi LoyaltyTax, Thank you for getting in touch, 


We are sorry to hear the trouble you have been facing when trying to swap your energy plan. 


As we are required to cover mandatory scripting, we are unable to swap the energy plan on this platform. 


I'll send you a private message and get some details from you and send a different link. 


Kind Regards,