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I have been trying hard to get electricity connection for the last 3 weeks. All the time, connection is made at the wrong address. The customer care number is always busy and I am able to get through to the overseas call centre only after 45-50 mins on an average, be it day or night. How can the call centre be so busy always. Hard to understand. Mike, Shelley, Susie etc, all of the call centre agents have been unhelpful. Not sure what to do. Such a waste of time. There is no direct email address or contact number to report an issue. The call centre number is useless. It's weird how AGL can operate like this. Hoping somebody from the team will look into the issue and fix it immediately.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @ssingh,


Thank you for reaching out, we're sorry to hear about your frustrating experience trying to get a hold of us.

Did you know you can actually manage these enquiries via webchat or online messenger?


You might find that this is a more effective means of dealing with your enquiry, if you are having to wait a long period of time to get us on the phone.

There are also escalation pathways available if you are finding your issue is not being managed within an acceptable period of time.


You can see all of the communication options available at


Kind regards,

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Hi Xander,


Thank you for your reply.


The connection is still in progress, even after 4 weeks.


The help section is useless as there is no direct email address or option to lodge a complaint. Nobody ever replies to chat messages.


I am not sure what to do.


It's just so frustrating.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Ssingh, We are sorry to hear the connection is still in progress after 4 weeks. 


We appreciate the wait times are longer than expected, however, to best assist you and ensure the connection request is successfully we would recommend contacting us, as we will most likely need to touch on mandatory scripting that we are unable to do on this platform. 


Our contact centre is available 24/7. You can find how to contact us via 


Kind Regards,