Unexplained increase in usage

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My latest bill is showing an unexplainable increase of almost 3 times our normal consumption. This seemed to happen after you added a network device to our meter.  Also there was an attempt by AGL meter exchange


20 Jan to 18 Apr 2024       90 Days       $1095.77
19 Oct to 19 Jan 2024       93 Days       $386.22
21 Jul to 18 Oct 2023        90 Days       $507.56
25 Apr to 20 Jul 2023        87 Days       $520.08
24 Jan to 24 Apr 2023       91 Days       $397.32
20 Oct to 23 Jan 2023       96 Days       $254.19
21 Jul to 19 Oct 2022        91 Days       $401.44
22 Apr to 20 Jul 2022        90 Days       $236.70

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Does the bill say Estimated Read, or Actual Read ?


If estimated, AGL often charge a lot more for some reason, and that is easily sorted out with a meter read submit, or with AGL on the phone or chat.


Estimated reads are mostly on older analogue meters, where there is an access issue on read day, locked gate, or dog present etc.

Digital meters rarely have this issue and are read via online connection.


Do you know if you have a digital or analogue meter ?

If you are having reads done, then you have an analogue meter.

If it is an older analogue meter, you can submit a read via your usage page on the AGL app (or web account).


Analogue meter reads are usually accurate, but if you did get an actual read, check your meter to see if it is a little over what the bill says, and if not (a lot less than the bill read), again it can be adjusted fairly simply.


If the meter is a little over now what the bill says, then the read was likely correct, and (unless a meter is rarely faulty) the charges are probably right.

Compare your last bill plan / tariffs and compare if so, you might have slipped off a lower price plan period, or prices might have jumped significantly.

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That does not make sense as mentioned a network device was installed and after that there was a massive jump in usage. I have already included my entire history of billing it just does not make sense. If this cannot be resolved here can you please direct me to the escalation process 

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Ok, so don't bother checking and eliminating meter read error.

Makes perfect sense to at least check the bill / meter and and be sure it is not the cause of the high bill, it often is.


Now, the network device.

It's hard to imagine that is making your bill about 2-1/2 times more expensive, but it should be checked.


Get a cheap power usage meter and check what that is drawing.

Something like this . . .



We have a lot of IT stuff set up here, network, server, several wifi units, a dozen or so cameras around the property, and draw 300wh - 400wh through the night, with no other draw or standby items on.


Escalation, you'll have to hope an AGL rep comes along here to seek more info, or make an effort to contact them by phone or chat.

All that info is on their contact us page . . .



AGL Moderator
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Hi RiteshRamesh,


Thank you for reaching out!


In order to provide information relevant to you we will need to get some more details.


We will send you a private message.


Kind regards,



Super Nova
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You have not posted any information about your consumption, only the price of the invoice.


Do you have analogue, digital or smart meter?

Are you on a flat rate or Time of Use?

When you say "added a network device to our meter", what do you mean?


Could you post the energy used and the rates of your contract?


If there has been a change from Analogue to Digital meter, the old meter could possibly have been at fault in your favour. The other possibility is that you have changed from a flat rate to TOU and your consumption is mainly in the Peak Time, which will put the price up. Without data it is impossible to determine.

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@megan_AGL  I replied to your private message but did not hear back from you.

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Hi Ritesh, I'll private message you shortly . Cheers, Deepesh