Bill Smoothing seems expensive

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I have been on bill smoothing for some time now, and it was increased to almost double the amount at $528 a month.  I put this down to using the air con excessively (it's quite old) but when I check the billing cycle we have not used $528 worth of power in many months.  I would expect we would be in credit however I cannot see this in our billing access.  I note that previously AGL wanted us to change plans however I am on an original govt solar feed in tariff and don't want to jeopardise that.  Can someone please review our account and work out why I am paying so much.

AGL Moderator
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Hi DattoSSS, Bill smoothing recommendation can change depending on how your usage is tracking, past usage for the same period and seasonal factors. We can certainly have a look further into your account. I will send you a private message shortly to discuss further. Cheers, Deepesh