Someone cancelled my account on my behalf!

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Hi there,

I just received an email with a bill attached saying that my account has been cancelled as per my request. One small problem - I never requested my account be changed or cancelled, and when I called your customer representative they said that another energy provider had requested the change on my behalf. Apparently he has undone the cancellation, so I won't lose power, but can someone tell me what kind of information a company or another person has to have available to them in order for them to request a change to your account? This is very concerning and the fact AGL allowed this to happen without consent of the person who actually has the account in their name is horrifying. Thanks

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Hi Lamby04,


This is a very fair question!


In order for anyone to open an account with energy retailer, they simply require an address or meter number. If the the energy retailer, for whatever reason, attempts to open this account by mistakenly using the incorrect address or meter number, then it can unfortunately lead to situations such as yours. These incidents are more common in apartment complexes and subdivisions as opposed to stand-alone houses.


With hundreds (if not thousands) of Australians moving property every day, it is simply not possible for energy retailers check in with each individual prior to closing their account and instead attempts to transfer addresses between retailers are done so under the assumption that they've been lodged correctly. If they're not, we have means to reverse these transfers such as we have in your case.


Kind regards,



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I'm currently facing the exact same problem. I contacted your support team today who said they would investigate and attempt to reverse the cancellation. Are you able to advise how long it will take for the cancellation to be reversed? Will I receive confirmation that this has occurred? 

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Hi Katie24,


Depending on the cause of the closure as to exactly how long it will take to resolve. Generally it should be resolved within 3 weeks and you will get an updated bill once this has occurred.


For the exact details please get in touch either by calling or messenger and we can provide the exact information for your account.