Monthly Billing

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Now that my billing is monthly instead of quarterly, I like to know whether if the rates have been adjusted accordingly. In the past, I received 3 different rates, depending on my consumption and the 3 tiers. The first tier is basic and then the next two tiers' rate became lower and lower. Now it seems that my 3 monthly total is being charged at the basic rate, all the time. How do you explain to that?

If the basic rate remains the same, there is no incentive at all for me to have monthly billing instead of quarterly.

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Hi Pixie,


I am definitely keen on monthly billing, I do not know how many times I have received complex statements showing rate changes and bill backs because of meter reads. My last with Energy Australia had me so confused with entries for 47 days + 30 days + 15 days + 77 days which somehow is to add up to a 92 day billing cycle.


It was not the first one, a monthly bill allows me to check regularly. 

AGL Community Manager
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@Pixie ,


You have the option to go back to quarterly billing if you prefer: Take a look at the "Cancel monthly billing" section of the Monthly Billing help page.