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Re: Make it more simple to submit a monthly metre reading for the GAS bill.

Hi Jmcd81, sorry you are having issues accessing your online account, you can troubleshoot the issues you are having here. If you download the AGL App this stays logged in and you can enter your reads on the via the usage tab.
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-Steve- AGL Moderator

Re: Electricity Bill Blocking

Hi MB8, sorry you are having issues with your account, as this is account specific we will need to review the account to see what is going on. Please get in touch with the Resolutions team via messenger in My Account or via the AGL App and they will be able to assist you with this.
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Re: AGL Rewards - Coles & Woolies

Hi NB1, sorry to hear this. I have passed along your feedback regarding this matter.
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Re: What CL2 control and max yearly usage for CL2

Hi Ivychen, A controlled load is a tariff dedicated to large, high energy-usage appliances that is metered separately to the rest of a property. This is available during set times as determined by your distributor. This is usually for hot water system, underfloor heating and pool pumps. The maximum usage for an Ausgird site with a controlled load is also 160MWh.
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