Solar credit refund

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I have been refund only part of my credit balance.  This happens every time there is a refund allocated to my account by a third party.  I messaged 2 days ago and have had no response. I have tried calling many times and it is just as frustrating and the call ends up dropping out. Each time when i finally get to speak to someone, they then refund credit from my current bill as well which i do not want.  I want the money due to me from the account i queried.  NOT HAPPY AGL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you have a credit and have not requested it like we get, AGL always leaves a credit of $120 in the account.

Cheers Neil

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Mine has been set up to be refunded in full monthly. This has been in place for many years.
AGL Moderator
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Hi Scorpio, We are sorry to hear the poor experience you have had. 


I'll send you a private message so we can assist in checking your account and the status of the solar refunds. 


Kind Regards,