Another poor service complaint.

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I have a couple of queries about my bill, so I duly rang the AGL number on my bill. After enduring repeated messages for 20 mins I was answered by someone with an accent that I struggled to understand. He eventually put me through to Customer resolutions, after 5 more mins off messages the call dropped out! Was I angry? Just a bit. I wasn't going to go through that again so thought I'd get on the chat line (I HATE chat lines!) and ask for someone to call me back. After confusing the automated response thingy (wasn't hard) it put me through to a person, I then spent another 25 mins staring at the screen until someone eventually picked it up. It was obvious from the grammar he was not Australian, it took me a further 20 mins to convince him that I wanted a call back now, not in 2 days time!!!! It was only after I asked to be put through to his supervisor that he took me seriously.

Now lets see how long it takes to be called back - or not.


Atrocious customer service as far as I'm concerned.

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Hi @RichardP, thanks very much for the feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a hard time getting through to us recently.  If you have some queries about your bill, I can take a look at it for you here. I'll need to private message you to look into your account. Thanks- Mark.

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No-one called me back (why am I not surprised) so I went through the painful procedure of ringing the "help" line again. I came very close to throwing the phone through the window having to listen to the constant recorded messages. "We are currently experiencing a heavy work load, one of our agents will be with you in 5 minutes", 10 minutes later the same message but it will only be 4 minutes!!!!!! Of course, it was longer than 4 minutes! AGL's customer service answering system really is appalling! It also kept urging me to use the chat system, no thanks, done that, didn't work.

After approximately 20 minutes I was answered by another person with an accent I could barely understand so I simply asked to be put through to Customer Resolutions - I had to repeat myself before I was put through. What a surprise, I was put on hold again. Eventually I spoke to someone there (didn't drop out this time) and she was polite and helpful - and also spoke clear English - and we eventually sorted out my issues. The bills really aren't that clear, for instance it said my readings were estimated, when in reality they weren't, one of the vagaries of the billing system being used it appears. We then got onto the subject of reading an E355 meter (!) and I'm no better off with that, they can't provide detailed information because they don't have it and don't appear interested in getting it.


For anyone ringing up ask for Customer Resolutions straight away, don't waste time with anyone else. I refuse to talk to anyone who can't speak clear, understandable English. And don't waste time with their chat line like I did.


Mark, thank you for your offer, I haven't replied because I have resolved my issue.

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I was online just now 48 minutes the guy called Cher reckon couldn't hear me I could hear him and hung up

How do we get someone to talk to us????

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Hi @dragongirl65,


Thank you for reaching out.


We're sorry to hear you have had trouble reaching us over the phone, we know how frustrating it is to have to wait that long, especially as you haven't reached a resolution for your enquiry.


Did you know you can reach out to us either through a live webchat agent or a non-live agent via correspondence.

You can see all of our contact options at

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I have done all that you suggested and YET my complaint and query about
wrong data inputting has not been resolved.