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Re: AGL Overcharges during Covid19 Pandemic

@K1w1Ch1c05 As you know these are community pages. In these Covid times there are many reasons why your meter may have been estimated. (Reader got Covid etc). As you rightly pointed out if your meter readings appear to be drastically wrong then you can always submit your own correct readings. AGL as a retailer do not have their own readers as it is more cost effective to use your suppliers reader. If they do not get a reading from them then they will estimate your bill. This issue would then be ...
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NeilC Powerhouse
2 weeks ago

Re: Peak, off-peak and shoulder times for electricity and gas in Victoria

@Greg-Hudson, Well good on ya MATE.Ya need to read. That post was listed and accepted 09-08-2020 09:34 AM.AGL changes their rates, at the time a Shoulder Rate was not listed. A simple, I have this rate (listing the AGL Plan for Vic) and get shoulder rates would suffice. Of course though, you live in Postcode 3818 and have first hand knowledge. Your first contact with these pages was April this year... Maybe you should have stated.Standard Retail Rates for Victoria changed 1st Jan 2021.I am on t ...
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NeilC Powerhouse
2 weeks ago

Re: Smart meter vs inverter readings

@jleeb The screen shot says that you CONSUMED 51.04kW.(This is a billing amount from AGL and you pay about 17.5c for usage)The same shot also says that you will get paid for 3.18Kw at about 9.5c per kW. The top shot is probably your solar app.Production for the Day 15.76kW and you consumed 9.79kW of that (or 6kW to grid) and you took 51.81kW from the grid. AGL stats shows that you took 51.04kW but only put 3.18kW now your app appears to be fairly accurate on your usage 51/51.8 or 98.5% accurat ...
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NeilC Powerhouse
3 weeks ago

Re: Incredibly higher bill the usual

@nannical I suggest you talk to AGL via the phone or their messenger. If your bills have been estimates, when you left a full reading would have been undertaken and the result is your final bill.
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