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2 weeks ago

Re: will I lose my 52c fit if I change my solar system to a larger system?

Hi @sjl017 Your rebate FIT was allocated to the installed system.If you modify the system in any way then you loose your rebate FIT.When most users got the high rebate FIT's they only had small systems 1-3 kw. Your local energy supplier would have given the installation a SEG (Small Energy Generator) licence. They use those licences to calculate loading factors on their infrastructure. To modify your system your installer must apply for a new SEG and if approved your existing SEG (and any gover ...
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Re: Demand rates

@Electrons What was stated was that the usage for that half hour period was 9.6kw.Say in the second half of that hour they used 6Kw then the usage for that hour would be 15.6kw not the assumption that you made. In billing you pay for the number of Kw used. Your meter is a consumption meter and shows the amount of electricity consumed.Using a NEM format file below is my usage from midnight to 2 am on the 28 Apr 2019 Date00:300 1:0001:3002:00201904280.4450.1750.1910.191 Between midnight and 1am I ...
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Re: How can I get access to solar command

@P_R,I no longer support the Community Pages as they have no benefit for me.A quick check of the link above shows that AGL no longer support solar command. As they have stated, you can monitor your system through the App or your Web Page. I developed two programs to convert your meter data into usable data but could not convince people to trial and help me develop them. (Well not quite true, two people have installed them but have never given me any feed back). I don't use the app but just by lo ...
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Re: solar plan - peak, off-peak

@SunshinePete Nam did not answer your question but complicated it. You can find your plan attached to your account when you log into your account. (Or as you have stated you can see it on your last bill). I have not seen AGL offer this yet but there are a couple of companies offering high solar rates (18-20c) but only for the first 8kw (or less) and then after that you get 6 cents or less ($0.00) after that. I cannot be bothered looking into the AGL plans as I know that I can get a better solar ...
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