Concession card expirey date rollover

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I have a new DSP concession card since my last one is due to expire 31 August 2023. The only change to the new card is the new expirey date. It's now 14 August 2023, so hopefully I can find out in advance since I got a strange email from AGL to check this.

So do I have to do anything with AGL to continue the concession, or does it rollover automatically?

By the way, even after creating an account here, the support chat button still doesn't work, and leave a message option just goes to my account page where there is no leave a message option anywhere.


AGL Moderator
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Hi BB2, Thank you for reaching out. We are sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with our webchat. 


As long as the card type is not changing and it is just the expiry date, you won't be required to do anything, and the concession rebate will continue to apply to your account automatically. 


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