AGL Overcharges during Covid19 Pandemic

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Bill Period: 28/5/20 - 27/6/20 31 days $273.99 (1077kw) June Billing


This is my current bill with AGL for electricity only.  According to customer service and the manager I spoke too basically send that the last two bills were underestimated and now I have to pay $150 more than I usually would in a 30 day cycle.


The previous bill cycles would have been during the Covid19 Pandemic where people were told to stay home...and we did.  Then AGL turns around and tells me I didn't pay enough during the Pandemic and now have to pay more.  


Shame on you AGL. My local MP is going to hear about this.  





AGL Community Manager
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Hi @K1w1Ch1c05 . Sorry to hear that! It's never pleasant to get hit with a higher bill than you expected.


Adjustments to over- or under-estimated bills are normal. This can happen for a number of reasons. It might even be that your Distributor was unable to read your meter for a while due to pandemic restrictions, and so when your actual usage was confirmed later, your estimated bills would have been corrected to the amount you actually used. For more info take a look at Why do I get estimated bills? 


While you do have to pay for the actual amount of energy used, we have quite a few options available to make things easier, because a lot of people are having a tough time right now. Check out the "Help with your payments" section on AGL's COVID-19 response page.


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I have had a similar experience.  Just received my latest bill for $303.71.  Previous accounts $79 and $73 and then this one - cannot possibly be correct.  I have emailed AGL and also called and spoken to a person who said the same as above, it could be the previous 2 accounts were estimates and this is a catch up.  Not possible as my accounts have never been over $100 ever.  

I live in a small 1bedroom unit by myself and work 5 days a week - away from home 7am to 530pm on those days.

The person I spoke to tried to put me through to their disputes team and subsequently disconnected me.


Maybe time for a change of providers!!!!



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Hi @kerrrob , it's easy to check whether the previous bills were estimates. You can just log in to your account and access all your previous bills in the Billing tab. From the My Account page, you can also click "Send us a message" to have us look into your billing issues with no chance of getting disconnected!

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I am confused as to how you can get a $79 and $73 bill.

Must be monthly bills I assume to be this low as you would pay about $30 for the supply charge alone.


Now, there was a user similar to you who reported that they had a great jump in a bill and it turned out that her unit was wired incorrectly and the next door neighbours (the flat was empty for a long while) flat was partly wired into their shared meter box.


I would suggest that you do a meter read (and check the meter number) and compare it with your latest bill. If there is a discrepancy contact AGL with the facts.


It may be that there is a new meter reader in your area and they have mixed up meter readings.





Cheers Neil

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How did this end for you? I have literally the same issue for Aug 2020 - Sept 2020 billing period only.


I have been with AGL for over 3 years and with monthly billing, I am accustomed to the two estimate monthly bills followed by an actual monthly bill. Like clockwork, estimates are approx $75 - $90 and actuals are approx $120-$140. 


I have been working from home full-time well before lockdowns started (late January 2020).


Like usual, I received the two bills with estimates ($73 and $74 respectively). Then Aug 2020 - Sept 2020 actual bill was issued for $404!


According to the bill, I would have had to use 1235kwh in the first 17 days of the bill cycle and just 65kwh for the remaining 15 days. I live alone and have not changed anything to my living conditions. I dont think its even physically possible to use that much juice as a single guy in an average apartment??


Wait, before some AGL rep jumps on here to quickly point their finger at testing the meter, the wiring, or fault with an appliance, AGL have issued the Sept - Oct 2020 bill ($68) and the Oct - Nov 2020 bill ($81), which are literally back in line with the last 36 months of billing.


For anyone suggesting its for changes of previously underpaid amounts, then we have a real issue. According to new legislation, it is illegal for the retailer to bill customers in this way. They are required to issue a separate bill specifically for claims to underpaid amounts, itemising each period where an underpayment occured (up to a maximum of 4 or 9 months). The bill must have a cover letter detailing the reason for AGL issuing the bill, the period of time the customer has to repay the amount (the period is equal to the number of months the are back billing for underpayment) and detail the payment support services available to the customers. 


Quite literally, the AGL agents I have spoken to have been speechless and genuinely at a loss for any possible explanation to what has occurred, they do however recommend I pay the bill and offered to put me on a payment plan. 


I am holding my position and claim that there is a clear and obvious error and it would be unfair, unreasonable and possibly seen as a failure by AGL, for not acting in utmost good faith to its customer, to pressure liability on me at this point in time and until such time they can help demonstrate (at their own expense) useage, or even give any reasonable explanation as to how someone could ever use this much power in 17 calendar days.


Keen to hear if anyone else had the same or similar issue? Hoping this thread builds and gets some visibility, as I suspect there are many more of us out there....



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Hi USAwimLA! 

Welcome to the AGL Community! 

There is certainly a few checks that we can do with you to see why your bill is higher than usual we would firstly want to confirm the current meter reading to see if this has been done correctly by the network. Please Contact Us and we'll be able to go through the checks with you. 


Kind regards, 



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Yep, done that too. AGL asked for a photo of the meter, which I sent one in the first week of the billing period and another photo in the third week of the billing period. When the bill came last week, the readings were not listed. Moreover, I have yet to be contacted by AGL as promised over 5 weeks ago.


As noted before, I have done everything asked of me to assist in resolving an obvious AGL error. What I won't do however is own the error because it's not my fault. I am happy to support AGL with its investigation, as a responsible consumer.

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I'm in the same boat. Anyone have insight into electricity bill for billing period March-April?
I have reviewed my electricity bill for the past 6 months and average is $150-170.
Now, for a one month billing period my total due is $414.... which is triple the average bill.
Even compared to last Summer, highest bill was $300 at that time.

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I have this exact same thing happening to me currently! Absolutely disgusted.

1 person house hold and they're trying to charge me 300$ for the month with the same excuse as about after already playing multiple high bills


Do you mind telling me for you went with this