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Re: estimated usage, very high, but i have a smartmeter!

Hi david_rmr! Welcome to the AGL Community! We'll need to check your account to see what could be causing this for you, please Contact Us as we won't be able to resolve your enquiry here. Kind regards, -Nam-
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-Nam- AGL Moderator

Re: AGL Essentials signup - $100 credit was promised on the first bill.

Hi tedman! Welcome to the AGL Community! The bonus credit is applied to the next available bill from when you've taken up the energy plan, this will be in the account credits section which is generally displayed at the bottom of page 2 or top of page 3 on your bill. If you're not able to see this, please Contact Us and we'll check this with you. Kind regards, -Nam-
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-Nam- AGL Moderator

Re: Not receiving bills

Hi JulieA! We're not able to reissue your bills here over AGL Community as this is a public forum. Please Contact Us so we can check your account with you and have those bills reissued. Kind regards, -Nam-
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-Nam- AGL Moderator

Re: late payment fee

Hi kerleadan! Welcome to the AGL Community! You can avoid receiving late payments fees by setting up a payment arrangement before the due date, you can do this directly on your AGL My Account in the payment assistance section. Otherwise, please Contact Us and we'll work one out with you. Kind regards, -Nam-
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