BYO Modem Settings - PPPoE username/password settings

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Hi Team,


As a new customer, I am trying to connect the BYO modem to AGL NBN internet service. Can you please let me know how to fill in the Username and Password in my Modem? Thanks



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Both username and password are your account number. The whole thing. Not just digits. All in capital letters 

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Thank you for your reply! I actually just put in the numbers yesterday not knowing any better and that also seems to work (for now) - very strange. 

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Just some info on this, the Help Desk people don't even know what the PPPoE username/ password are. I had to ring a third time and explain the "Help" desk wasn't helpful at all and was there anyone else I could talk to. Then I got through to Tech Support.


In my case the router was from TPG (Huawei HG659) and had some settings hidden/ locked. VLAN being enabled one of them- that appears to have been my problem. Tech Support picked up on that and suggested it might be the problem.


I've managed to connect using no log in info via DHCP- so try that before PPPoE (which requires the username/ password.) That's on a HFC NBN connection.

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I had the same issue heres the solution i got after talking to AGL

User name: ACCyournumber


"ACC" has to be all capitals

I also performed a hard reset to the modem and the nbn box. 

That did it for me.


How hard is to include this info in a welcoming email?!?! Come on AGL, you can do better




AGL Community Manager
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Many thanks to those who have provided the correct info for various BYO modems on here. I agree this is essential information that should be more readily available. I've had a request in to get this updated for a while now, but sometimes the wheels turn slowly as far as getting changes made. Sorry for any frustration.

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I have the tp link modem/router, when i go for quick setup, AGL os not present on the isp list so i choose others and then they asked for vlan id which i dont know what to put.

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Can you set it up manually and not select an ISP? Try DHCP, it worked for me. You don't want VLAN on with AGL, that was the issue I had with my old TPG Group (Internode) supplied router.

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I have the modem from old provider (Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 with voice backup)

Now I am trying to connect with AGL network without a success.

I have tried all combination mentioned here

1/ ACCnumber -> not work

2/ accnumber -> not work

3/ number -> not work

phone call with support technician, tried the below also

4/ -> not work.


Support technician eventually concluded that the modem is not compatible with AGL network



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Hi i have the same modem

for the username used : accXXXXXX   - 6 digit number given for NBN internet - this  is not the account no  of electricity or gas if you have  any of these 


then same accXXXXXX to the password all worked well 


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Can you tell more specific about this?


I have connected the phone jack (on the wall) with the DSL port on the modem.

In the GUI:

I have logged into the GUI of the Telstra modem with with default credential information.

Then, inside of Broadband tab, I have set the username and password of accXXXXXX as mentioned but the modem still show no connnection and switch to backup mode and connect to the internet through mobile sim.