BYO Modem Settings - PPPoE username/password settings

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Hi Team,


As a new customer, I am trying to connect the BYO modem to AGL NBN internet service. Can you please let me know how to fill in the Username and Password in my Modem? Thanks



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my one is FTTP - so connected with the  ethernet cable to red port on the modem  to NBN box on UNI-D port 2 

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For FTTP users, the other thing not mentioned anywhere is that if you have a current ISP connection and are switching to a new service you cannot use the same current physical UNI-D port on the NBN NTD box. i.e. If you have an internet connection with ISP A on UNI-D 1 port, the new ISP B will establish the new connection on UNI-D 2 port and you will have to swap over your Router's Ethernet cable to the UNI-D 2 port to use the new service.


I have also now had success with the username and password being your ACCxxxxxx number as others have already confirmed.


Little disappointed in the lack of instructions and information from AGL on this.

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True, I also got Bill after 2 days of connection. Also, facing disconnection almost everyday. Most of the time in the night time after 9.3pm.

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Same experience bro. 

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I have same problems they working fast with the bill. I transfer my nbn from Optus to agl but they didn’t do transfer they just make connections and then send bill and I’m till using Optus .now after transfer I have is one more bill to pay for it 

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I have been able to connect to the internet after a technician came to my appartment and reconnect the wire inside of the internet box in the basement. He said my internet wire was connecting to TPG and not nbn (might be the previous owner used TPG service)

In summary, to be able to connect to internet I need 


 - Ensure internet wire in the internet box (usually in the basement if you live in appartment) connect to nbn (need help of technician).

 - Telephone wire from the wall to the DSL port on the modem (any modem is good, I have tested Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 with voice backup, and TP Link Archer 1600V with good result on both)


- In the GUI, Set the username: accXXXXXX, password: accXXXXXX

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I had the same issue when I had my own router which had been used in a different network. The solution described here surely works. However, if your device is a modem router, you first need to change the settings in the router app to make sure that you are using the router only option. Then use the account number as the username and password and then you are good to go. Took a half a day for me to find this out. 

AGL Community Manager
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Thanks for sharing that extra info, @TN_AGL . Glad you got up and running.

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Hi, ive just switched to agl from tpg. I have the same hg659 modem. Agl doesn't provide support for this byo modem and advised me to buy a tp link modem instead. What did you do to get your modem working?

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Connected my modem to dsl and it worked.

Hope, you got correct credentials to feed in.