AGL eSIM Transfer Woes and Ongoing Support Struggles

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I had my old phone working perfectly fine with my AGL eSIM. However, after replacing it with a new iPhone, I had to transfer the eSIM to my new device. To do so, I had to request a replacement eSIM and pay a $10 processing fee. I received the eSIM activation QR code after paying the fee, but when I tried to register the new eSIM to my iPhone, it gave me an error message and asked me to contact the provider. I have been in touch with the AGL support team every day for the past four days, and I received three QR codes, but none of them solved the problem. My phone has not been working for the last four days, including over Christmas when I needed it to talk to my family members. The process of swapping phones and transferring eSIM should be simple, yet it has caused me a lot of trouble. I believe the AGL system has a problem that is not allowing me to register the new eSIM, but I have not found anyone who can help me with the issue. I was told that someone would call me in three days to recheck the problem, but I am not very optimistic. Meanwhile, AGL has charged me an additional $10, and I will still have to pay for the mobile service even though it is not working. I am extremely disappointed with the service level and regret having changed my plan over to AGL. The initial cost-benefit has already shown not to be worth it. All I hope for is to get my phone back to working order again.

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Hi @PauloCipriano

To view information about the ESIM cards, please visit: 


For help with activating the Replacement ESIM cards, please visit:, If you have scanned the ESIM card, but are having issues activating it or would like to talk about the replacement charges please call us on 13 12 45 or speak with us via chat to help you manually active the ESIM card. 

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Hi Hannah,

Thank you for your response. I am facing issues while activating the eSIM. I have tried scanning three different QR codes, but none of them worked. My case has been escalated to the second-level support team after several attempts with the first-level support. I am currently waiting for a call from the second-level support team within the next five days. If it's possible to prioritize my ticket and have them call me quicker, that would be very much appreciated as I have been without a phone for four days now. I would really appreciate any support you can provide.

Thank you.

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Hi @PauloCipriano - have you managed to get this issue resolved at this stage?

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Yes, the problem was finally solved. However, still have multiple charges of eSIM QR codes that was issued to fix the issue that was not caused by me. It looks like the issue was with differences between the eSIM number issued to me and the eSIM number associated with my account. I will requeste the charges to be removed when I get the bill. Thanks 

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Glad to hear it was sorted out Paul, please let us know if there's any ongoing issues.

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same problem for me . even physical sim same problem still in sos . Almost 3 weeks and hope use service soon .