esim cannot be transferred to new phone

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I purchased a new phone and have tried to move my current AGL esim to the new phone. It does not work. I spoke to multiple customer service representatives who told me it could take a week before I would have access to my mobile number, if it could be fixed.  My original phone with the original esim is no longer in my possession. And now I have no access to my phone number and you won’t help me to fix it. 

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @sad. That sounds quite frustrating!


Can you provide any more details on what process you followed to transfer your eSim, what instructions you used, the models of your old and new phone etc?

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I was sent 2 new qr codes on Friday.y old phone is an iPhone 13. And new phone is iPhone 15.

I followed Apples new phone set up prompts to transfer the esim but was given an error that my provider does not support transferring esims.

On Friday I was sent 2 x new qr codes for my esim. Both did not work and gave an error that the qr codes could no longer be used.

After speaking to the team this morning, I received 2 additional esims qr’s that also don’t work. That’s 4 esims that haven’t worked. 

At this point it seems simpler to just port out to another provider. But that would just incur even more fees.

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Because the mobile I bought is Optus and the sim card is Optus, and I have , Electricity, gas, Internet with the mobile


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Hi @sad I can completely understand your situation as this is similar with mine, very disappointed.


I transferred 2 numbers from TPG to AGL, both numbers after one week still haven't activated successfully, however, my old 2 numbers has been disconnected. This caused that Customer service cannot help me until I provide my driver license, and passpord documents to be send a dedicated email. They refused when I asked them to send me verification code to my email address or my another mobile number that under my AGL account as well.


Now I am suffering from this issue, and spole woth many people but still no result so far: 2 numbers not working at all.


Before that, I was trying to seek help via Chat / Message / Call channels, not big help, I got 2 qr-code as well, both are not working, shows "Unable to activate e-sim", guide you to contact service provider. 


It is absolutely helpless, and low efficiency, and no priority, just keep saying "looks you are left for a while, are you still connecting with us", "Sorry, we can not help, pls call 1800xxx", "please have your account number..." or "we aim to response you within 10 mins, and you can leave you message, will contact you back" but only received once for the call back with many many times chat, message. Or, longer waiting time when calling, and get you pass to anothe agent, and then, another one, but no one can directly help you to solve this issue completely.


It is a wrong decision to transfer to AGL, really bad experience.

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Were any of these issues rectified because I’m experiencing the exact same problem right now! Seriously considering cancelling the transfer of electricity gas internet and 2 phones

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Hi. They express posted me a physical sim which sorted the problem.