What is an NMI number? What is the difference with your account number?

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What is an NMI number? What is the difference with your account number?

Do you keep the same NMI number AND Account number when moving aaddress?


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Hi @beneik,


Every connection to the national electricity network is given its own identification number - the National Meter Identifier (NMI). You'll need this number if you change your electricity retailer.

The NMI is used to:

  • identify your supply address
  • identify the meters and meter types at your connected address
  • make sure you're billed for the right amount of energy.

Your NMI stays the same unless the location of your electricity network connection point changes. For example, if a building is demolished and a new meter is installed.

The NMI is associated with an electricity network connection point, so when you move you'll have a new NMI at your new location.


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I need to know my NMI number so my electrician can install my meter

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When the installer gets the meter the NMI will be on the meter.

The installer will then do the necessary paper work to get the meter added to the address and if necessary get the previous NMI removed from the address.


You should not have to do anything.


Cheers Neil

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