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Hi, I am wanting to switch out my smart meter back to an analogue meter. Please advise how I go about this. 



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Simple answer you can't

Cheers Neil

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Super Nova
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Yep, that's a fact . . . and found out recently too that once you go onto TOU tariffs you can't change back.

I resisted 2 attempts to 'upgrade' from my analogue meter to a smart meter over the past number of years, before going with a solar install and having to upgrade.


I wasn't advised by my solar installer that we COULD have told our retailer AGL we'd like to stay on the flat rate tariff (with CL) . . . AGL said nothing of this of course, although I did ask a couple of times during calls about what options there were for tariffs, we were just put onto TOU and CL TOU.

That's a bit of a moot point if you are taking up a battery too, as you can control usage to an almost negligible amount during all TOU stages.


Good luck with attempting to change back, there would be hefty charges for reinstall of another meter if it were possible, but I was also told by my solar people that EVERYONE will eventually be forced onto smart meters in the next year or three, networks want fine control over grid to shutdown remotely during times of load shedding, high risk times for bushfires, network demands, blackout / brownout, load shedding etc . . . great hey ?

AGL Moderator
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Hi @KellM - Neil and Lester are both correct here unfortunately, as analogue meters are no longer in production, replacing a smart meter with a legacy meter is not possible.

Can I ask what your concern is regarding the smart meter?

Kind regards,

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Hi Xander, If It is not possible to change back to analogue can the smart meter be relocated? I am not comfortable having the smart meter on the wall outside where my bedroom and bed is. There is no other wall in the bedroom suitable for changing the position of the bed to move it further away from the smart meter. My concern are the EMFs produced by the smart meter. These radiofrequencies were classified by the World Health Organisation on the 31st May 2011 as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’.

I understand that we can not totally avoid EMFs however I would like to reduce exposure where possible and don’t think it is a great idea to position a smart meter outside of a bedroom.



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I presume from this that you do not have a Mobile Phone.

Have a look at the link below:


Smart Meters use frequencies in the range 900Mhz to 2.4Ghz (less range than a modern mobile phone)

The smart meter itself does not pose any issues at all, it is the transmitter antenna that radiates the signal.


It is a proven fact that if the antenna is more than a meter from you then the radiation you could receive is 1000 times less than the radiation you receive from your mobile phone.


If I were you, I would be more worried about how loud you listen to the music when having you earplugs connected to your mobile phone.


I would suggest that you do some more research into this RADIATION HAZARD, I have supplied you with one.


There are numerous companies in Aust that have produced documentation on this matter.


Just for interest sake have you tried looking at your mobile phone signal from outside near the meter box and then comparing the signal inside your room.


Mine was -105dBm next to the meter box and -112dBm held against the wall in the kitchen (the box is on that wall).


You can see there is a considerable difference.


Here is a link to  Understanding dBm which I am sure you will read.


You could also turn your bedroom into a Faraday Cage which would be ideal for you as it would stop everything, Mobile Phone, Wireless Internet, Radio Reception.


Another choice would be for you to sleep with your feet facing the offending wall, which unless you were height challenged, would surely put you further than a metre away from the offending transmitting antenna.


As my wall gave me 7dBm of signal loss that is considerably more than a distance of one metre in free space specified in most documents.


Hope this helps, don't forget to keep the post up to date as to how you overcome this issue.

Cheers Neil

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AGL Moderator
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Hi @KellM I understand your concern. As others have mentioned, unfortunately, swapping your existing smart meter for a basic one is not an option that is available. However, repositioning the location of the meter may be possible. However, it will involve engaging with an electrician and the electricity distributor/metering co-ordinator. Kindly contact us on 131245 and ask for metering team to get further information. Cheers, Deepesh 

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@KellM @Deepesh_AGL ,


Hi Kelli, Deepesh,


Repositioning the meter seems a fix as long as its going to be free.

As I suggested, the ANTENNA is the so called source of EMF.


To reposition the meter may cost about $1000 dollars if you can find someone to do it cheap.


Even relocating the antenna may cost up to $400.


If you read the info on the web it will take about 30 Years for you to get a "LETHAL" amount.


To get a professional opinion on the actual amount of RF emitted from this device may cost up to $2000 dollars.


If the house is a rental, then Kelli would have to pay for all of this by herself.


This would appear to be a one bedroom flat or maybe a granny flat in some ones rear yard.


As I have stated, you will probably get more RF from your mobile phone or your Wireless router.


It has got me thinking though and not going to spend $50 to investigate my meter


Cheers Neil

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