What do Pulse1 and Puls 2 indicate on my MK7A. Pulse 2 is hard on

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The smart meters can certainly be a bit confusion to read! Please visit our website here on how to read the different type of meters. 


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Answer didn't answer the quesdtion

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Yeah couldn't really find anything on the AGL 'read your own meter' page, but . . .


I have the MK7A fitted as my CL meter, with a separate meter (MK10D) for regular and solar input.


The MK7A meter is always on pulse 2 led, so is just recording CL at the relative times.


If you only have just this meter, you should find pulse 1 led is on all hours outside CL times.

Yours sounds the same (as mine), you have 2 meters and CL hot water ?


I assume if you have single meter and no CL (hot water etc), then yours will probably be on pulse 1 all the time.