Turning off electricity before connection

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We are moving into a new property in a couple of weeks. 

We have been given different advice on turning the electrical power supply off from AGL. 

The electrical box at the new property has 4 labelled switches (power, lights and safety switch)  

It also has a red switch that is not labelled (possibly the smart meter switch? However when we do turn this off the digital display on the meter is still on)  

If we turn off every switch in the electrical box (which may include the smart meter) will the connection still work? Or can you advise what to do? Thanks kindly 

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Hi Jessika, 


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If the power is already on then you won't need to turn the switches into the off position. If the power is currently disconnected (The screen will say Power off/disconnected) then you'll need to have the main switch and all switches in the fuse box in the off position. 


Once your connection has been completed, the screen will change to display registers and numbers. At this point, you can turn all the switches back into the on position. 


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I have a similar request. I have been told to make sure it turn the power off before connection can take place. But I live in a large strata block and the metre room is locked, I presume for safety reasons. I’m even if I did have access I am not really comfortable flicking switches in an electrical metre room. Does the retailer send a technician, who would have a trade key to access the metre room, to assist with connection. 

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I would have thought that you would have a METER BOX that controls the power in your unit.


If you don't have power now, then once they turn the power on the individual GPO's (power points) should become live.

Cheers Neil

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