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I had some solar installed December 4th, and the installer has submitted a request for a new smart meter install. For some reason AGL has had to submit the request for new meter install twice, which means I'm now still waiting for a smart meter install. I called up yesterday to ask when the install was going to happen, to be told I won't find out, because someone will just come around when they happen to schedule it. This won't work for me, because my current meter sits inside my house, therefore the smart meter cannot be installed unless I am home to let the installer in. Can someone please tell me when I should be expecting my smart meter installation so that I can actually arrange a time to be home for it to happen?!

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Hi TNguyen01,


I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a frustrating experience with our metering team.


I'll be happy to take a look at this for you if you can send me a private message with your AGL account number and address.


Kind regards,



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Hi TNguyen01,


I submitted a request for meter change on 15/11/2018.


I believe from your explanation that the Solar Connections team have (as they did me) placed you on the Urgent(sic) list. Which considering our experiences is more than likely a forget it list.


After hearing nothing in regard to the original request, other than an email that was addressed to Hi team, asking for REC details and phase numbers (noting that the original email requesting the change was entitled Request for 3-phase bi-directional net meter for.....) so me just being a customer consider this as some internal banter asking for specifics as the they couldn't be asking for the number of phases as it was clearly stated (as it turned out they were asking me if my 3-phase was 3-phase (yes honestly) and for the installers details (the certificate of Compliance was attached )) I contacted them on 11/12/2018. 


I was placed on the urgent list being assured that the meters would be replaced (if approved) within 2 weeks and that I'd get notified of approval within 3-5 business days. Low and behold no such notification. So I phoned again on 18/12/2018 (put the phone down on the first call as all the person just kept repeating 2-3 weeks). Phone again and I was told that it had been approved but that it maybe 2-3 weeks and I will still on the urgent(sic) list.


Of course that meant as you have said not being able to undertake anything that might result in loss or damage should the power be turned off (a week or so as per the original assurance was just a little inconvenient, now probably at least a month was way beyond that).


I used the online complaint process, complaining about the mishandling of the request, heard nothing as expected so complained to the Ombudsman on 8/1/2019.


Ombudsman contacted me the next day and said they would talk to AGL and that they would expect AGL to replace the meters with 10 business days as from the day they were notified which would be the 10/1/2019. I missed a call from AGL on 11/1/2019 (Fri) and got an SMS that they would try again the next business day.


14/1/2019 just leaving home at 07:00 and an electrician arrives. The meters were replaced with the smart meter, all done by 08:00 in the morning. the electrician also kindly turned the Solar on.


As such from my experience, the most likely way to get resolution is to move on to the Ombudsman once you are unhappy with any resolution aspect.


Of course now trying to change plan to Solar Savers, can't do it online even after waiting a few days as per advice from online chat. So have now sent an email to customer solutions.


Perhaps the "Hi Team" is some sort of AGL conspiracy to, by hook or by crook, makes us all part of the Team 🙂


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We are getting very frustrated with the installation of our smart meter. We are 3 weeks over our "it will be 2 weeks after this week" because i replied yes to a text "would we like it installed in 2 weeks" then we went to the "30 business days"  4 phone calls and being told the same you have been put through as urgent and AGL have no control over or contact with their contractors so don't know or want to know their schedules. Don't blame your contractors AGL it comes back to you. I asked to speak to somebody with a little bit more knowledge of what is going on and was transferred to the Billing department.  She told me exactly the same thing and then told me there is nobody else talk to. ?????? "have i got any billing problems"? 

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KayDavy go to you state's Ombudsman. I very strongly suspect that they will do nothing until you do so and also that urgent is in really chucking you in a black hole so they don't have to make an appointment. Both tactics perhaps purposefully employed to delay the installation and thus reap more.

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i am having the same experience.

solar installed on 05/12/2019 and yet to hear from AGL to change the meter.

installer has sent an email to

this is not good enough. Can you help or ombudsman is the way to go?



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Hi Aletheia86, 


I'm sorry to hear that you've had bit of trouble with our metering team. Please get in touch with them directly on: 

Phone: 1800 680 430 


They'll be able to follow up on your request for you. 

Kind regards, 



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Came across this today for NSW :-




Q: How long will it take to change my meter?
A: Your retailer must install the meter by a date agreed with the customer, or within 15 business days of receiving your request. You do not have to agree to an installation date suggested by your provider if it more than 15 business days away. 


And regarding being put on the urgent(sic) list (install without an appointment/interupption warning) this would appear to contravene


Retailers are required to provide you at least four business days’ notice of any planned interruptions to your electricity supply to install the meter.