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Amber Status?

Got an email today saying that my solar system is an Amber status.Solar system is working fine.The overview and also the usage all indicate that the system is fine albeit it a little down the last few days due to some clouding (still exporting around 30kWh). And in comparison to the rolling 30 days the export is increasing due to the time of the year.It very much appears that the Amber warning should be in regard to how the Amber warning is issued. e.g. Usage shows (Aug):-and (Sep):-Perhaps it's ...
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Re: Solar meter installation date

Came across this today for NSW :- at https://www.ewon.com.au/page/making-a-complaint/what-can-i-complain-about/digital-meters Q: How long will it take to change my meter?A: Your retailer must install the meter by a date agreed with the customer, or within 15 business days of receiving your request. You do not have to agree to an installation date suggested by your provider if it more than 15 business days away. And regarding being put on the urgent(sic) list (install without an appointment/inte ...
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AGL’s Peak Energy Rewards Program - Multiple Credit handling

With the latest Peak Energy Rewards Program (PERP) campaign as per email :- By being part of AGL’s Peak Energy Rewards Program, you can be rewarded for making adjustments to your energy use at home when the grid needs a little extra support.To thank you for making sure there’s enough energy to go around when it’s needed, you’ll receive savings on your AGL electricity bill. Places are limited and registrations close Friday, 22 November 2019. The Terms and condition includes :- 5.1 We or one of ou ...
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Re: Solar meter installation date

KayDavy go to you state's Ombudsman. https://www.aer.gov.au/consumers/useful-contacts-for-customers I very strongly suspect that they will do nothing until you do so and also that urgent is in really chucking you in a black hole so they don't have to make an appointment. Both tactics perhaps purposefully employed to delay the installation and thus reap more.
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