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We have recently transitioned to monthly bills off a smart meter installed a few moths ago. I have been in the habit, from time to time, of keeping my own record of meter readings, but now, on the bill there are these sentences - "Your electricity usage is measured by an interval meter. This means you won't see a start or end read on your bill. Instead,
the total amount of your electricity usage is shown" and there is no actual meter reading on my bill. This looks like there is no way I can check what I see on the meter with what I get charged. Surely there is some way that I can verify my bill is acurate. If there isn't, AGL can charge what they like  or make a mistake and I would have no proof it is wrong.

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Hello @W-L, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 


I appreciate your concern with not being able to see a start or end read on your bills or being able to submit your own meter reads. 


The benefit of having a smart meter is that the meter records your usage in intervals every 15 - 30 minutes, you can monitor your usage via the AGL app or My Account


We have further information of the benefits of having a smart meter on our website. 


Hope this helps! 


Kind Regards, 





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Natalie, you should know that AGL is setting meters to read at 5 min intervals.

I can get my 5 min data from SA Power Networks as a download file.

Cheers Neil

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We are each month receiving at least one day where Solar Sold and Electicity Bought charged are estimated. These estimates show no relationship to any other days of the month . This normally occurs on the last billing day , but this month it's 3 days early. 

Last month I had a phone conversation with an AGL employee who could see what my argument was and he said I would have a reply with 14days . That didn't happen.

The estimate figures could be understood if they were at all similar to the rest of the month . This is never the case.

I have had this estimated situation for 3 out of the last 5 months. Does AGL do this to all its customers? If so there can only be one reason and that is to increase the amount billed, therefore increase AGLs income.

Why does no one reply?