Re-energisation (Recipient Discretion)

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I received a $45.27 charge noted as "Re-energisation (Recipient Discretion) ". I can not find this detailed anywhere on the AGL website.


Can you please confirm what this is and where I can find further details?

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Hi LouisS, Thanks for reaching out. Re-energisation fees is charged by your electricity Distributor or Meter Service Provider for connecting electricity to your property and we pass them through to you. Depending on the meter type at your property, your Meter Service Provider may be able to perform this service remotely or may need to send an operator to your property to perform this service in person. More information about this can be located in your plan confirmation pack under "Other fees and charges". Cheers, Deepesh

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Is there a way to stop this charge from re-occurring or is it just always going to be a charge?

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It's a one of charge by the power company to reconnect power to a home that's been de-energised (disconnected).

I assume either for being disconnected for not paying a series of bill(s) on time or as agreed, or when someone has moved out and the property was disconnected rather than someone moving in promptly.

The power retailer passes this charge onto the customer. Once (or should be once only).

With a smart meter, it should be fairly cheap as it's done remotely and I would think a very fast process.

Hence the OP's $45 odd charge.

With older analogue meters, it would probably take a tech visit to site and do that at the meter box.

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Hello @MitchWhiley


Thank you for reaching out. 


Re-energisation fees are charged by your electricity distributor or meter service provider for connecting electricity to your property or obtaining an initial meter read to establish your account. A fee is also charged when moving out of a property to De-energise the supply and obtain a final meter read to close your account. 


More information about additional fees can be located in your plan confirmation pack under "Other fee and charges".


Kind Regards,