close accounts gas and internet

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On last 30 Dec 2022 I have called 131245 request for closure our account internet and gas. Understand that the Internet and Gas team are different. Soon after I called the team, I received email about account gas reported.

But for internet account, I still no receive any email about that

Already tried to contact the team by chat, but slow reply. 
How can I get fast reply from them ?  
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Hi @HendrikCimpo,


If you've sent through a message on your My Account page or the AGL app, the team will get back to you as soon as possible. It sounds like you've already requested your account be cancelled, in which case there should be no further action required from you.

You can proceed with arranging connection with your new provider if you wish.

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Hi @David_AGL 

I have called the team and sent message times but no response received, only reply 5 working days to work. 

I think, now that is more than 10 working days since my twice emails.

How is it ?


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We don't actually use email for support so if you have emailed rather than messaged, it's likely they weren't received by the team.

What response did you receive from the team when you messaged to request cancellation of your internet account?

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Below the message received by email on 5 and 10 January :

Thank you for contacting AGL, your enquiry is important to us. The Complaints team will endeavor to respond within 5 business days.

Did you know you can submit your meter reads online through MyAccount or with your phone using the AGL App? Click here to learn more about the AGL App.



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It sounds like you have successfully closed your gas account, but have not yet received confirmation of the closure of your internet account. If you have not yet received an email confirming the closure of your internet account, it's possible that your request has not yet been processed. Party City Feedback Survey

To get a fast reply, I would recommend reaching out to the internet customer service team through a different contact method. Some possible options include:

  • Calling the internet customer service team again and requesting to speak with a supervisor or manager if your call is not promptly answered.
  • Sending an email to the internet customer service team with your account information and a detailed explanation of your request for closure.
  • Reach out on social media, if the company has a presence on those platforms

Be sure to include your account information and reference number (if you have it) in any correspondence to ensure that your request is properly tracked.

Also, be sure to note down the date, time and name of the representative you have spoken with when you called. That way, you can refer them to the previous conversation you had with the company.