Internet outage

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Internet outage again today. Yesterday I had reported the same issue. NBN website says no outage. Agl teleco status says performance degradation issues. It was same issue yesterday and we were out of Internet for hour. Again today now.

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The lack of support from AGL is mind blowing. I’ve been with them since Dec 2022, and I haven’t had a single day without disruption. Little to no communication from AGL - today I was on hold for over 2 hours and the chat function on the website was idle and useless. 

Pretty handy when you have a daughter and son trying to study for Yr12 & Yr11 respectively. Add that I’m a teacher and trying to plan my lessons - and AGL have let us down completely.
I'm wondering why I should pay my account in 2-days when I’m being charged for a service that AGL can’t deliver?

its absolutely deplorable and AGL should be embarrassed, and ask themselves what they think customer service is? We are more than dollars on a spreadsheet!! 

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Internet has been out for me since Monday.

At this point, its been 3 days with no internet.

As it stands now, NBN reports no fault, AGL seems to have a temporary fix yesterday 

I have power cycled, rebooted my modem, did a factory reset... all resulting in no internet.


This is getting to a point when it's becoming ridiculous, I can't work.....😡


Location: Tarneit VIC


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This is working fine in my area from last few days.