Internet outage, no communication.

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Having recently moved to North Brisbane, I am surprised by the lack of communication on unexpected internet outages by AGL. We are 4 hours into the outage and there has been no correspondence from AGL at all to customers. Very surprising and disappointing. Outages happen but at least keep customers updated and in the loop, rather than in the dark for hours on end.

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Totally agree. We have been without internet (other than mobile) for 6 - 7 hours now and there has been no advice at all from AGL. An update would be nice.

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20-30 mins after the outage first occurs, it isn’t hard to send out an email or text to notify power, internet or whatever is down. Like it happens (particularly due to weather and 99% of people understand that. But to just leave your customers in limbo, and the amount of digging and calling helplines etc they have to do to even realise what the issue is…. Is frankly pretty poor.

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Unplanned Outages and no notification.


No status page to check and understand if there is an outage.


No reachable support number for Internet after 8pm.

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I was able to locate a status page which refers to an issue that is being troubleshooted. But next update is 23 Nov 9am morning. 


I am changing my energy and Internet from this provider.


AGL Community Manager
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Hi all, sorry for the impact of this outage and for the lack of communication you've received on this. 

To keep up to date on service status and outages, you can use

If you've had an outage but the page states that service should be restored for your area, try restarting your modem.

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My internet went out on Sunday last week, no communication, impossible to get through on the phone, I waited almost 2 hours then hung up. The leave a Message system took over 7 hours to get a rep but they never read the message. All they said was "hello, you are speaking with... How may I help you".

I left message after message but none were read 


As there was no nbn outage and no other ISPs outage page showed any outage I transfered out and was back online within the hour.


I was with AGL for 8 days, 3 of them with no connection and no communication.


Now I have the painful task of disputing my bill.


I have been with AGL energy for years but I am rethinking my choice.

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Hi David

Thanks for that link. I eventually found this status page yesterday but only by accident while trying to message AGL through the app 🙂. It should be more prominently displayed on the AGL web site I think, or highlighted in the app. 

Communication is definitely the key in these situations. I get that the internet may experience disruptions occasionally but it's important that timely advice is provided to customers. If we know there's an outage, we won't need to call the help line or waste time trying to troubleshoot our own equipment. Regular updates are vital too in my opinion, even if it's only to say there's no change and you're still working on it. The more information the better.

All working again since this morning so happy days!

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It's my fourth day with AGL NBN in NSW, I switched from TPG and regret it.

Not even a single day without uninterrupted internet. Every day it's unoperational for fa ew hours in the middle of the day.


No humans get back on chat or pick up the phone call.. Terrible service.

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The lack of support from AGL is mind blowing. I’ve been with them since Dec 2022, and I haven’t had a single day without disruption. Little to no communication from AGL - today I was on hold for over 2 hours and the chat function on the website was idle and useless. 

Pretty handy when you have a daughter and son trying to study for Yr12 & Yr11 respectively. Add that I’m a teacher and trying to plan my lessons - and AGL have let us down completely.
I'm wondering why I should pay my account in 2-days when I’m being charged for a service that AGL can’t deliver?

its absolutely deplorable and AGL should be embarrassed, and ask themselves what they think customer service is? We are more than dollars on a spreadsheet!!