Internet - Very slow download speeds

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Still in contact with AGL chat support.


Wondering if anyone else experiencing severely slow download speeds, especially during peak hours. Can barely use the internet. 4.44 Mbps.

Speed test:

 7.50pm wifi.png

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @TanLe , we've had a number of reports about slow speeds during peak hours lately and our network team is investigating performance issues at present. Let us know how you get on with support - getting in touch by phone may be the best option for you.

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Have you got any luck with this report. I’ve just switched NBN service to AGL with fiber to premise, with a home fast 100/20 plan, typical download speed only around 2-10M around 7-8pm every night, it is way below acceptable standard

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@David_AGL Hi. I've been very busy. Now managed to get x6 screen shots, x2 per hour. that's 3 hours of my time. anyways... now uploaded. awaiting response. Now with what you've said, nothing can be done with support i guess. just have to wait for network team to correct the issue.


@Isaacliu sorry nope no progress sadly. they did a manual reset and still slow. seeing that many others are having the same issue, I dont see the point in IT support. their service has been very friendly though. definitely not acceptable at all. 


currently looking at other internet providers. 

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@David_AGL Sent screenshots as requested. They got ignored and told me to contact nbn team or something. Made me spend 3 hours getting this then basically said nah, dont worry. Contact these people…. Sigh. Im so unlucky to have signed up with agl internet, gas and electricity. Could of signed up with any other company. Small hope that this issue gets fix asap. 

AGL Community Manager
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@TanLe I've passed your screenshots and feedback along to the network team last week - appreciate you taking the time to gather those. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get a satisfactory response via chat support.

Can you please clarify who you were asked to contact?

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Yup. 100Mps this is not