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I have signed up with AGL on NBN plan but I do not have the NBN box connected to my property. AGL said someone from NBN will call you about the NBN box installation. But it has been more than 10 days and still no update. How to check on what is the ETA on NBN installation dates to my property? Can I call NBN directly to check? please help. AGL has long delays on the phone to talk to anyone about this. 

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Hi @pvyas. Thanks for signing up! The timeframe for getting connected can range from days to weeks depending on your location, the availability of technicians, and whether your premises already has the NBN box. As yours doesn't, it's likely to take a few weeks. You won't be able to call NBN co directly to check on this, but you shouldn't need to wait on the phone either - if you have an active account, just log in to your My Account page or the AGL app and send a message to support. They'll be able to update you on the status of your connection.

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Great and I just signed up

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My apologies for the gate crashing,


Just as an FYI,


AGL, Telstra, Optus, TPG etc etc  have no control whatsoever over installation time frames when it comes to NBN CO having to put in a NBN box. NBN CO have their own timetable. The best AGL, Telstra, Optus and co can do is to see if they can get an approximate time frame from NBN CO.


NBN CO will either call you or SMS you in regards to what day they will be out to do the install.  Please NOTE: ( the SMS will not contain a link and should never contain a link. )


Also if line needs to be laid to connect the property to the local area node then you are looking at anywhere up to a month or more but that is if line needs to be laid. This varies between locales IE: metro area rural area again this is strictly if line needs to be laid.


NBN CO is your Distributor

AGL Telstra Optus TPG are the Retailers.




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Hi John, 



I'am facing a similar issue. AGL/NBN has sent me a ''nbn box'' the portable one that connects to the powerpoint and phone line. 


I'am having trouble communicating and getting clear information from the AGL customer service team, as there is a different answer everytime, i speak to someone. 


It's been a week now, they said that i needed an nbn box connection at my residence in order to connect the internet, i have now recieved the box, but i'am still awaiting for my internet to be connected (they said it was connected 3 days ago when i called previously but needed the box first, and now they said wait another 24 hours). 


But what i'm concerned about is, what if my residence needs the other NBN box connection, which needs to be installed by a technician, the support team doesnt give me straight concise and correct answers, i've already waited 5 days this will be 6 today, when i call tonight to say the internet isnt working they will give me another answer. 


How do i check if my property needs the NBN connection box installed or if it will work with the NBN modem portable box instead, i have FTTC at my property i checked on the NBNCO website.