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4 weeks ago

Re: What are your best power-saving tips? $$$

If there were a Government Incentive "NSW" for people that have instant gas Hot Water like myself then I would be in like a flash. I am not going to drop 8K+ minimum to go from instant Gas hot water to a Heat pump & swap out my Gas cook top for an electric one. They are still building brand new houses right now in our estate and surrounding areas ALL with Gas Cook top stoves & instant gas hot water. If the state Government were fair dinkum about this "dirty energy called Gas" They would STOP all ...
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Re: Remove nuclear ban

Petition your local Federal Member about it. You can post a thousand times about it in the AGL Neighbourhood but @rob8888 AGL can not do a thing about it. rob8888, Petition your local Federal Member about it. Make up flyers and distribute them in your local area about the issue as I feel it very deeply concerns you so spread your SMR message using Social media ie: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatever Chat etc etc etc. Nothing can be done about it here in the neighbourhood absolutely nothing. O ...
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Re: What are your best power-saving tips? $$$

@NeilC has basically covered most if not all savings. My only addition is when you buy power saving globes a little quality for a bit more goes a long way.When we first moved into the house all bedroom globes were of the 15watt spiral fluro bayonet type globes. Bunnings has a smorgasbord of globes i was looking at several different brands 9watts, 7watt 806 lumen globes then cam across the Phillips product 840luman at 4 watt consumption upside 50yr life time globe under normal conditions. Though ...
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Re: Delay in connecting Urgent Action required.

Hi @2nergyc0nnect 1st of all I do not work for AGL, I am only trying to help where I can.2nd: Does this pertain to Electricity, Gas, or both. Now as crazy as this sounds do you have Electricity available at the premises same go's for Gas. Only reason I say this is when we moved into the new place we had electricity & Gas available to be used even though the Gas was not "connected" well to my name anyway. Regards John Plan: Solar SaversDist: Endeavour EnergyState: NSW
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