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Re: Solar Production Data For Adelaide And Other Cities

@Richard I am in an outer suburb of Sydney with a Latitude of 33.7 and my roof pitch is 22.5 all my panels are on my true North facing roof at the same pitch, what data can you glean from that. ? Trying to do the numbers is doing my head in. Kind Regards.John
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Re: Solar Production Data For Adelaide And Other Cities

@Richard That is some nice work, i am in NSW. I have just put up a 8,58KW PV System with 3 phase Fronius Symo 8.2kw inverter & Powerwall 2. Would not mind having a chat to you at some point. Cheers Mate
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Re: New changes 1 July 2022

This is what i can get you from the Australian Energy Regulator website. From 1 July 2022, the DMO prices in New South Wales, south-east Queensland and South Australia will increase for households (between 1.7% and 8.2% above inflation) and small businesses (0.2% and 13.5% above inflation), largely due to significant rises in wholesale electricity costs over the past year. Hope this helps somewhat though there is a fair amount of confusion over the 16% max capped rise for NSW as it does not corr ...
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Re: Changed from Super Saver to Solar Saver Plans

Hello @_Mark_ Everything now looks to be resolved bar one minor problem which does not involve accounts. Thank you kindly for your help it is most appreciated. Regards John.
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