How do I get NBN support?

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Does anyone have any experience of speaking to AGL NBN customer support? Do they actually exist? I have been trying by phone, chat and email (numerous contacts over a month or so) and had literally no contact with anyone yet who can answer my questions. The call centre staff say "I need to tranasfer you to our NBN team" and then the line goes dead, or no one answers, or the chat times out, or I get no response to emails/complaints. It woud seem a bit creepy if I wasn't so angry! Can anyone help?

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @jz_bne,

Sorry you've had trouble getting hold of support, that sounds frustrating. Although there have been some longer wait times recently, I haven't heard any other reports thus far of no answer or the line disconnecting. 

I'm not sure if you've tried our Messaging service, but if not, that might be the way to go depending on the issue you're having. You can access it through your My Account page or via the AGL app. It's asynchronous messaging, like texting someone, so the chat can't "time out", and there's no need to wait around on hold or for a response from an agent. If you use the app, you'll receive a notification when an agent responds.

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Thanks for responding David.


I'm not sure if we share similar definitions of "timed out" but I assure you, the online chat has left me hanging a few times since November 2022 (after the promise of a transfer by a consultant). You might need to read your log files a little closer. Happy to share transcript if that can help you.


It sounds like the app might be my best chance to get a proper response, but I have to wonder, do I have a better chance of getting a useful "asynchronous" answer there than I do to the messages I've already left via the web form and your complaints email? You owe me possibly hundreds of dollars due to your very obvious mistake, and no doubt your first thought will be that I'm wrong, and possibly a "difficult" customer, so I'm sure my complaint won't be the popular pick for your consultants. I'm waiting for a response from the ombudsman at this point, so you still have the opportunity to **bleep** this in the bud.

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That was "n-i-p this in the bud", for anyone wondering.

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As it happens, the ombudsman had already replied to my email when I answered earlier, and forwarded my complaint along to you with a reasonable timeframe for action. So I suppose you are happy to take the expensive option - let's see how expensive it gets for you from here! Honestly, considering the simplicity of my account problem and my patient approach, you should consider this an extremely regrettable (and if you care about customer service at all, pretty embarrassing) situation. Don't bother responding here on my account now Allan, whether you are allowed to acknowledge this or not, I'm sure in your role, you understand that better customer service would have been in both our interests. I'll wait for the formal response now.

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Hey JZ, any update on this ?