My First Experience

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What a pleasant surprise, the little blue envelope was delivered, thank you. Over the last fifteen or so years I have found telecommunication providers so focused on the larger players, full of complexity and difficult to communicate with.


The package arrived as promised. The accompanying letter was clear & concise about the process. Yes, let's do this!


I did the process did not require any intervention, telephone call or the like. The existing mobile number indicated that the existing sim was no longer valid. I switched it off, followed the last of the directions, switched it on and viola “VoLte” and this “old” vegemite was once again happy and making a first call. The whole process appeared seamless.


Like any new service, an issue with migration reared an “ugly”, but thanks to the quick resolution with “Alana” via messaging the resolution was fixed within fifteen minutes. To date, I have found in all my dealings with our host AGL polite, helpful and trustworthy. This is a good start to your new venture. They are now my only utility provider.


I am not much of a “churner”, I have been a client of Energy Australia for most of my adult life, but the last bill was confusing and too complex to verify. It was the second complex bill that did not make sense. As always, I paid and finally decided to look at alternatives.


In one day, I have reduced my reliance on multiple companies to a single source experience. My experience so far, the process was simple, consistent and full of benefits.


Hello to all, I am old pensioner, who uses Electricity, Mobile and Internet. I still ride, swim, and enjoy life, I hope you all find AGL as easy to deal with as I have.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @jchopines !


Thankyou for the lovely feedback. I'm glad to hear that joining us went relatively smoothly and everything is working well. If you do run into any issues, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

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As promised the modem was delivered today, it was easy to set up and came live within three to four minutes.  The your new NETCOMM NF18Mesh modem is much faster when dealing with the little IOT devices that are starting to populate the household. Thank you. 


The transfer was flawless, my final bill from the previous supplier has arrived. Thank you for keeping your word. In all, this has been a very pleasant experience considering the complexity of logistics these days. From my perspective you all doing well AGL. Fifteen previous telecommunication suppliers over my fifty or so years, you are close to faultless

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Thanks for sharing a positive experience.

Overall I've had fantastic experiences with AGL, but I am keenly aware how much more likely someone is to share a complaint than a compliment.

I'm sure AGL get it wrong at times, like any company, but it's important we're aware of the times they get it right at the same time. 

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Well today marks my second service related update, the power board has been upgraded with new meter's. I found the experience easy, consistent and fast. The staff honoured the commitment, the installer gave me notice of the day, the installer dropped by the door on that day and asked me to turn off the power.


Thirty minutes or so later, he called checked that the power was working and thanked me for my time. Fifteen days to completion. Good staff, who are knowledgeable and accurate made all the difference.


Thank you.