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Internet Technical Support

Been having a regular disconnection issues with devices on the Internet, so tonight I called Technical Support. In less than fifteen minutes I was talking with someone knowledgeable, polite and competent. I explained my problem and within twenty minutes the modem was restarted and once again the internet was back up and working without device dropouts. During the discussion, I was I was introduced to EERO 6 mesh routers. These devices are now available by calling AGL SALES during using business ...
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Set Usage triggers in the App for all electricity, gas, mobile and Internet

It would be useful if users could set notification triggers for each of the services, so that when a set condition is met, the app notifies the user using either email, messages, or web notifications. When daily, weekly, or monthly usage exceeds $variable$When new usage data is provided.Maybe when power outages are detected on the service. I am sure there are lots of others that would be useful, if anyone has a suggestion for additional triggers, please add them to this thread.
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Re: Control Load 1

Even better, could you could also include shoulder, peak and off-peak time of use with the controlled loads 1,2,3.But any fine grained improvements would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: My First Experience

Well today marks my second service related update, the power board has been upgraded with new meter's. I found the experience easy, consistent and fast. The staff honoured the commitment, the installer gave me notice of the day, the installer dropped by the door on that day and asked me to turn off the power. Thirty minutes or so later, he called checked that the power was working and thanked me for my time. Fifteen days to completion. Good staff, who are knowledgeable and accurate made all the ...
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