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Re: how do i email agl to ask a question about my account?

I've used the in-app messaging before - it's comparable to e-mail, except, you can exchange 'emails' more quickly, if you'd like. I'd expect any 'back and forth' to be equally or more likely present in email as it is in chat.Good luck with your matter, and hopefully you get a good nights rest tonight.
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a week ago

Re: Customised Avatar

Exciting times, David!
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2 weeks ago

Clearer Payment Assistance Eligibility

Hi team,Minor user experience recommendation.When accessing Payment Assistance via My Account -> Billing (https://myaccount.agl.com.au/bills/paymentassistance/select) I'm told I'm not eligible as I already have an arrangement in place. I assume this is because I have bill rounding turned on, but it reads as if I've already applied for hardship.Could this be clarified for all users on this page? Perhaps it could link to the bill rounding function for users to deactivate before reapplying, or be ...
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2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday Message Not Directing Anywhere

Hey team,I'm a sucker for this sort of thing build into a product, so I was stoked to see it appear. The 'let the celebrations begin' doesn't load - it does a mini-refresh of the page, and nothing changes. This is on the desktop version. The mobile version also has the 'offer' available. The mobile app button works, but I don't think as intended. It launches a browser in app, and loads the desktop in mobile version (as if you are logging in via Safari or equivalent), asking me to log in from sc ...
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