is AGL Australia's biggest climate polluter? Help :(

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Hi everyone,


As a customer of AGL energy and gas I am concerned by press reporting AGL as climate polluters (Austalia's worst!) and would like more information, and to hear the thoughts of other customers on this.


I want more information about this because obviously, I don't want to be funding Australia's biggest climate polluter or any climate polluter for that matter.


Please comment anyone who knows more. Search latest news on google for back up info.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Customer21 ,


While it's true that AGL is Australia's largest carbon emitter, it's also the largest privately-owned investor and operator of renewable energy assets in Australia. This is why we play such an important role in the transition to renewable energy sources and away from fossil fuels. For more information, check out Our approach to the environment and climate change which includes our pathway to full decarbonisation of our energy-generation assets.

As an AGL customer, you already have the opportunity to offset your carbon emissions for just $1 a week for electricity and 50c a week for gas. Find out more on our Carbon Neutral page.

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Yes, broadly this is true, but when you consider that AGL has committed to shifting away from fossil fuels and has made significant changes to existing problem emission sites, the next five to ten years will see a significant shift. You cannot just switch them off, you have to migrate to another alternative strategy. A commitment to become carbon neutral is an amazing first step, don't you think?

Super Charger
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Thank you for answering the question, most in charge of PR would shirk the question. 

What about the emission as a %? You are the largest, so more pollution, makes sense. 

How do you fair if scaled down as a % to match your competitors?

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Yes, accurate, I notice that this statement has a sustained downward trending curve with:


  • 43.4 (2016-17)
  • 43.1 (2017-18)
  • 42.7 (2018-19)
  • 42.2 (2019-20)

With complex engineering projects typically taking between three and five years to start. I think companies strategy is starting to show promise. But then, I take people at their word and am quite impressed with were this current strategy is going. Transitioning from brown & black coal fired plants and fossil based fuels is a big step, what's more it is definitely from my perspective good for the environment. Yes, some have chosen a shift towards gas as a short term solution to emissions. This company is planning for our collective future. For me its a big picture thing and the Bass Strait may indeed save us all. 🙂