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I have got a noob question.

On the AGL solar savers plan, does the peak/off-peak/shoulder pricing still apply? or is it a fixed pricing if we buy from grid when there is no sunshine.



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If you generate Solar and are feeding some power into the grid, you do not pay for electricity.

If you consume power from the Grid, you purchase it at the current rate that you pay for electricity at that time.


It's that simple.



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I found this on the web.


You will only pay peak and off-peak electricity rates if you have signed up to a ‘time of use’ or ‘flexible pricing’ tariff. To do this, you will need to have a smart meter installed at your property.

You should only be on a time of use tariff if you have discussed this option with your energy retailer and believe it will prove financially beneficial (i.e. if you generally use more power during the day or late at night rather than the early evening). Canstar Blue research has shown that time of use tariffs can prove a costly mistake if your energy usage habits don’t correlate appropriately.

If you have a single rate tariff, you could easily get confused and think you pay different rates for power at different times of day. You may have been delaying your household appliances for years, for no reason. The reality is that the vast majority of Australian households are on a single rate tariff. If you’re not sure which tariff you’re on, check your bill or contact your energy retailer.



So I am thinking by default, AGL solar saver plan customers are in the single rate tariff mode? So I don't need to worry about when to use my appliances? On my last bill from AGL, I do not see a break down of peak/off-peak/shoulder charges. but one of my friends has that breakdown in his bill.

AGL Moderator
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Hi SunshinePete! 

The tariff on your meter is generally managed by the network but we can check with them to see what tariff that you're on and if you have the ability to move to a single rate or time of use. You can check out our website for a bit more information on our plans and rates to see how this works. If you've also recently had the meter reconfigured for solar export then your tariff may also have changed due to the requirements of the network. 


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Nam did not answer your question but complicated it.


You can find your plan attached to your account when you log into your account.


(Or as you have stated you can see it on your last bill).


I have not seen AGL offer this yet but there are a couple of companies offering high solar rates (18-20c) but only for the first 8kw (or less) and then after that you get 6 cents or less ($0.00) after that.


I cannot be bothered looking into the AGL plans as I know that I can get a better solar rate and cheaper electricity rate (Peak / Offpeak) than AGL are currently offering and presently will change in APRIL 2021 when our contract expires.


We only use 5Kw or less a day and generate more than we use except on extremely overcast days.


You should do a search on the community pages before creating a new page that may not give you the answers you want.