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Re: solar plan - peak, off-peak

I found this on the web. You will only pay peak and off-peak electricity rates if you have signed up to a ‘time of use’ or ‘flexible pricing’ tariff. To do this, you will need to have a smart meter installed at your property.You should only be on a time of use tariff if you have discussed this option with your energy retailer and believe it will prove financially beneficial (i.e. if you generally use more power during the day or late at night rather than the early evening). Canstar Blue research ...
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solar plan - peak, off-peak

Hi, I have got a noob question.On the AGL solar savers plan, does the peak/off-peak/shoulder pricing still apply? or is it a fixed pricing if we buy from grid when there is no sunshine. Thanks
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Re: AGL solar app broken?

@NeilC Community is a good place to help people. And you shouldn't give up on people I have figured it out after I received the bill of the quarter (my bill is actually half as the previous quarter). It works like this. The solar inverter app is only telling how much energy it is producing. But the smart meter works differently. If all the power you generate is consumed by yourself, you actually selling 0KW to AGL.
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AGL solar app broken?

Hi AGL, I installed a new solar system few months ago, and I switched from other vendor to AGL last month.The AGL app is showing that for a whole month (plus 1 week) I am exporting only 1.55kWh to AGL?All my friends who have the same solar system (same vendor), showed me their usage. They are all exporting around $100 per month to AGL, not just $0.33. Below is the screenshot from AGL account for 1 month.and screen from mobile app This is the solar inverter app data As you can clearly see, my g ...
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