Pay on time discount with new plans

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Are there pay on time discounts with the new plans e.g. Essentials Plus?  I cannot see anything about that.



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Hi Pam!


Great question.


Following industry-wide changes that came into effect on 1/7/2019, Pay On Time discounts are no longer being offered. You can find out more about these changes here.


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AGL new plans do not have Pay on Time Discounts which is going to cost me an extra $300 approx per year even though they give you $175 credit to assist in transition. So much for cheaper energy.

We have been with AGL for a very long time and loyalty doesn’t count 


However there are still some energy providers who offer Pay on time discounts which I will be comparing to enable me to switch.

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Hello Dinkydi! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


You are correct that AGL no longer offers pay on time discounts, this was a move we decided to make to ensure we are delivering non conditional savings to all of our customers with competitive low rates. 

With the changes in the market that are always occurring there was a lot of confusion comparing percentage discounts for customers because the rates were a major factor, so in an effort to become more transparent with the community we took the confusion out of it. 


In this change, it may be that your costs could increase if you were on a limited pay on time discount which was above and beyond our standard offers, however a majority of our customers are better off on the new system because they now receive saving each and every bill, for both their usage and supply charge. 


If you would like to have your offer reviewed by our dedicated team to ensure we are offering you the best savings we can, you can have a chat with us here


Thank you


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I think it is all smoke and mirrors 

Others  may be better off but I am definitely not

and being on a fixed income does not make it easy

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Hi Pam,


We no longer offer 'pay on time' discounts after feedback from our customers.


Those plans did penalise you if you needed extra time to pay or a payment plan for any reason. Also, to work out your charges, you would need to manually calculate this by deducting any discounts.


We now have our Essentials Saver and Essentials Plus plans which give you a very transparent price and this doesn't change if you need extra time to pay.







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Your current  offer to us of 7% off is ridiculous considering we were getting 24% pay on time plus 6% double up discount as well.


By removing the pay on time bonus you are essentially signalling the market that you don't want to do business with loyal customers that always pay on time.


If you think we won't be taking our business elsewhere you guessed wrong.

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Your absolutely correct Alan

I am disgusted and disappointed that pay on time Loyal AGL clients are not getting their pay on time discounts any longer due to customer feedback. 

I don’t think they got customer feedback from you or I or others like us

Don’t know about you Alan but we will be up to $300 out of pocket

It’s all about making more money for AGL

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HI AlanDunn, 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with the move the company has taken. Although I do understand in these circumstances it has not worked out the best, this move is in the best interest of our customers. 


It sounds like you may not be on our best plan available, as we now have our Essentials Savers plan which is a low rate plan. I recommend that you have a look here at our available plans and products. 


Thank you 


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Hi Ellen1


We received an email telling us that we would be moved onto a new plan automatically if we did nothing.


The plan you wanted us to move onto automatically is the most expensive plan that you offer.


If AGL wanted what's best for their customers why do you offer them your highest priced plan rather than the least expensive one or indeed a plan closer to their existing one?