Meter Replacement

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On October 31 my Interval power meter was replaced with a new digital smart meter. The contractor has allegedly lost or misplaced the old meter and AGL are unable to recover the data from it. The meter replacement was requested by AGL and not me. Since then AGL has not been able to issue me an account because they are still trying to located the old meter to retrieve the usage and solar feed in data. I have spoken to several people at AGL and so far no resolution. I was told last week that an estimate of usage and feed in would be done foe the period of the last reading until the meter was changed appropriately 8 weeks of usage. I agreed to this. I was told that the bill would be received the next day by email and the consultant was going to call me back. Neither has happened. Has anyone else had a similar issue when AGL has requested your power meter be changed?

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Hi Michael, Thanks for sharing your experience. I will send you a private message shortly to discuss further. Cheers, Deepesh