I need a copy of my bill urgently. i can't download from my email.

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Hi mercy! 

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All of your bills are available on your AGL My Account, you can find them in the Billing screen and then scrolling down to past bills. We have more information on our website if you need to update your Billing Preferences


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I know bills are available from our accounts but if you put links into our emails they should work.

Btw, it works for the electricity bill but not the gas bill. Why?




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Hi @Melita ,


What issue are you seeing when you try to access your gas bill?

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On my gas bill email, when I click on the 'Download your bill' link it doesn't do anything. On the electricity bill email it downloads my latest bill. To access my Gas bill I have to log in to my account which defeats the purpose of the 'Download your bill" link in the email.

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Hey, so if you send your link to a friend and give them access to your bill (and your account) you think that is fine.


Think about doing the same thing with your bank account.


No wonder nothing back for two weeks.


Do you think that you have saved your Electricity details but not your Gas info..


Hope you are using a secure browser like Firefox or similar





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Cheers Neil

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Dear NeilC,


I'm not sure what you mean by the first three lines of your response but using Firefox has solved my problem though I still don't understand why I could open the electricity bill using Chrome but not the gas bill. 

Thank you for your help.





PS How do I 'Solve' the Post?

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Hey @-Nam- 


I also am having issues downloading the invoice from the link in the body of your emails?  We have quite a few accounts with AGL and are emailed the invoice.  Some of them worked, a couple of them did not open the invoice.  Also, these accounts have not been linked to our online account, so I am unable to "download' that way.  Also, it seems that it is a random issue, as I have been able to download them from the emails previously, just this time around I am not.  I need copies ASAP.  Can you not just attach a PDF to the email as well as hyperlink it?