Hi, bill is 3 months or 6 months

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I am expecting my electricity bill anytime now. I am expecting a quarterly bill. However logging in , bill tells me that my bill is 6 monthly and will be available in 86 days times. What to believe. I don't want to miss the early payment discount . Please look and advise



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If your account is showing the next reading date, it means that your meter has just recently been read. You should have a bill issued within the next week,




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Yes bill looks strange now in app. The app seems to give 6 month bill projection. Its adding current bill and estimated for next 3 months (not sure why). This didn't used to happen. Have been using app to enter my own meter readings for last 2 years. It always used to give me current bill for 3 months only which would be deducted from my account. They need to fix this issue.

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If you're seeing the Usage is projecting 6 months (i.e. past 3 months + next 3 months), this would mean that your next quarterly billing is being organised at the moment and you'll be receiving this shortly. Once it's been issued then the App will update back to the 3 months ahead usage.


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