Wrong gas bill (hot water)

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Wrong gas bill

Gas bill received 23/07(moved in)- 08/09 (48 days)

First read 8327

End read 10247.98

Units 2120.98

Calculation 2120.98 x10 x1.006329= 21344MJ


My hot water gas meter is Itron UltraMaXX HW 2018, 8 digits, 5 numbers (ML) before decimal point and 3 numbers (KL) after, measures in m3 = KL.


Hence, there is no reason to multiply it by 10 instead the formula should be 2120.98x 1.006329= 2134.4 MJ


Please have this fix and refund me the difference as you have charged me 10x times more.

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Hi Mic1,


I'm encountering the same issues.. I totally agree with that.


I also have over 2 years history with AGL.. until they replace the hot gas water meter and my gas bill jumped from $60-70/q to over $450/q...



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Hello @Mic1 

I was wondering if you had an update to your case? I am currently having the same argument with AGL and made a complaint to EWON. Any additional insight you may have would be very helpful, thank you!


Kind reagrds